Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunny Sunday

It was warmer this weekend then it has been all spring, but we still spent it outside! Sunday morning Jesse and I went to pick up my work while Ezra and Jonathon stayed home relaxing. Since we drive to Salisbury to get my work on weekends we usually try to plan a stop by to see Jennifer and her crew. Brittany and Nicholas were snoozing, and so Jesse and Alexis hammed it up outside for some playtime with the playhouse and cars. We took time to stop and hang out with their goats for a few minutes, Jennifer fed them while Jesse tried to get them to play ball with him. HA! One thing is for sure, he knows what a goat is!! He kept saying 'hey goat' and 'bye goat'.

Above: Jesse playing ball with the goats... HA.
Below: Jesse and Alexis having a blast together.

Above: Alexis letting Jesse know how the car works...
Below: Alexis kissing Jesse goodbye. :)
In the playhouse together cooking up some fun.

While Jesse napped, I filled up his little toddler pool. Jonathon and Ezra went to see a movie, and I took advantage of an empty house (while Jesse was sleeping of course) and worked some! We grilled out and since it was so warm today Jesse got in his pool. Last year he would get in and out over and over, but this time once he got in, he didn't want to get out - he got mad at us when we made him!

Jesse swiped this cone from our sidewalk; it had been there for several days all alone with no purpose. We got tired of it looking junky so we let him put it in the garage, now it's become his most favorite toy. It's pretty versatile, if you put a ball on top its just the right height for toddler batting. In the pool it becomes a place to pour water that never seems to fill up! HA!

Ezra says "please stop taking pictures dad"

"ok, you give me no choice but to give you funny faces now"

"Cowboys and Pirates anyone?"

That's pretty much our day in a nutshell - we were lazy, Jesse cooled off in the pool, and we just hung out talking and goofing off most of the day.

I finally took time to update the 08 photo journal, May 08 and June 08 photos at


Heather said...

That is so cute....getting kissed goodbye. How precious!

Big E's face is changing...looking all grown up!

Such handsome fellows!