Tuesday, June 17, 2008

case of the mommy brain

Thought I'd share a laugh. Today we went to run errands, and I am pretty serious about making all errands work in one trip so we went to the doctors office, then to visit Jonathon at work as a nice surprise, then to Walmart to pick up some gardening items we needed, and then I decided we'd have junk lunch. We do 'junk lunch' about 1 time a week during the summer, and today we went to Taco Bell/KFC combo (those are weird to me, but ok) as I'm sitting there after I order, I realize that I do not have my debit card. I don't ever carry cash, so this was funny in a 'Sarah you're an idiot' type of way.

Hmmmm, I used it at Walmart... and then I handed it to Jesse....DUH. He likes to pretend to swipe it; I typically help him swipe it and then I put it away but not today!!! I totally forgot to get it back from him. What did he do with it? I looked all in the car... inching my way toward the window feeling like an idiot. So I grab my receipt from Walmart and call them.... over and over and over and over I call - with no answer. I finally get an answer and I barely get the words out 'I think I let my card in the garden center' and I got transferred w/ no 'hold please' the call transfer didn't go through and I was disconnected! By now I'm at the drive thru window where I explain that I'm without cash, without my debit card - and I felt pretty silly! Thank goodness there was a credit union in the same parking lot!! I asked them to hold my order long enough for me to grab cash at the bank and they did - the manager must have had a good laugh. Went to the bank, back to KFC/Taco Bell went in got food (still trying to contact Walmart this entire time), got back in car (with 2 lunch hungry kids in tow) started driving back to Walmart... I wondered if the card was in the cart, the parking lot, or where? FINALLY as I am pulling into Walmart they answer (14 trys - and I told them about that part) and the cashier that helped me had my card! WHEW!!! She said it was on the floor and she just noticed it - thank heavens no one stole it! We've already been ripped off in the past 12 months by stolen identity - I didn't need to be the dummy who allowed my card to be stolen!

So... the quick errands today weren't so quick after all. I had a serious case of the mommy brain going on - pretty sad when my 9 year old is how I realized that my 2 year old was the last person with my card - good thing he (Ezra) has a young healthy memory. Note to self - get the toddler his own pretend card.


Amy said...

I bet you were freaking out! The next time you get a credit card offer in the mail (nearly every day I'm sure) with one of those fake cards, give it to Jesse. Our boys love to play "money" with them. I just hope we can successfully teach them about money since they never see the green stuff either!