Tuesday, August 19, 2008

by invitation only....

Welcome to my pity party - it's come as you are, and we'll have whine and cheese :).

When it rains it pours right? I'm going to be self-centered a bit... It's been a crazy week so far at our house and it seems like it all happens at once... dad told me tonight on the phone that maybe I'm getting my 'run of bad luck' all at once so there's sure to be sunny days ahead.
Monday night little J fell, brow bone first, into the corner of the open drawer on our wood coffee table. He was getting down and tripped and fell. I just knew that it was going to be a geyser of blood - but it wasn't. He's a pretty tough cookie, but this one was a biggie. We put ice on it, and because it was so close to the temple we called the Ped's office for safe measure. Ironically, she said we were the 6th call in 1.5 hours about a toddler falling and injuring the face/head... she admitted it was the craziest night of her nursing career. We were given advice, and we followed it, I'm glad I called. We don't generally call the triage line, but head bumps and as hard as he fell - it was worth keeping peace of mind. He's just fine - and his war wound looked alot better with even 15 minutes of ice on it!
(Above - it looks alot better here then in person.. kindof looks like a 3rd eye stickign out on his head the way it's swollen...)

Tuesday morning I had a LONG drama w/ one of big E's doctors about a medication - it's Jerry Springer worthy so I will not post that - it's just stressful even thinking about it - we will end up changing doctors soon... Anyway, Tuesday night Jonathon came home from work, we were getting dinner ready and had a tight schedule for TaiKwon Do for big E, after a day of scheduled events already with the boys. I went in the garage for something and heard a hissing sound - it was Jonathon's tire... going flat. This would be the 2nd flat tire on his car in 3 weeks! At this point I wondered - are we being punk'd?????

Tomorrow is a different day - and it's destined to be a better one already!! I realize that there are PLENTY of things that are worse, and that we totally are fortunate. But in those given instances - it sucked. Honestly, I'm not going to candy coat it - those moments sucked... but I step outside of my own world for a moment and realize that a flat tire isn't so bad because we can afford another.... a kid with a bruise on his head isn't so bad because he was just fine.... and the ignorant nurse that I talked to today was probably having a bad day and took it out on me... I guess we all have those days...?? right?


Amy said...

When you wrote that you heard a hiss in the garage, I thought you were going to write that there was a snake in there! I don't know which is worse -- a snake or a flat tire. Ha!

I hope your week ends on a brighter note.

Douglas, Jennifer,Brittany, Alexis & Nicholas Glover said...

I hate that my little man got hurt, he looks so sad in the picture!