Monday, August 11, 2008

a random meme, humor me

Today was absolutely mundane, and normal, and all of what I needed. Weird, but I actually like my life structured. I enjoy the occasional frivolity... but in the end, I suppose I'm a prude. So there's nothing spectacular to blog about today, no major changes in our life. What we did in a nutshell was a few errands, a nice relaxing visit to the local library for some new reads, a much needed grocery store visit (after vacation - whew) and then back home to work. Tonight we watched Intervention after the kids were in bed, and it was quite interesting - I learned alot about 'dusters' and inhalants.

This one's for my SIL - because on the last ? she answered 'probably no-one' and I bet she knew deep down I had a burning desire to fill out a survey..... HA. I agree, blogging is self-indulgent and that's exactly why I'm doing this "meme"... a meme is a new term I've learned in reading blogs - I generally don't read blogs that do alot of them... but I will take interest in the occasional list of random facts about someone. So here's mine (I tag Jennifer on this Meme):

1. Where is your cell phone? on the bar
2. Your significant other? on his way to the store... long story
3. Your hair? short stacked bob, and all natural color
4. Your mother? stubborn, irreplaceable, and absolutely wonderful - all at the same time
5. Your father? remarkably strong, and has become a even more of a strong hold in my life - I'm grateful
6. Your favorite thing? anything w/ my family
7. Your dream last night? didn't dream
8. Your favorite drink? glass bottle coke - full fat. it's a rare thing if I get one.
9. Your dream/goal? that my kids get as much joy out of life and living, as they give me each day
10. The room you’re in? my bedroom right now...
11. Your church? we visit Hickory Grove North
12. Your fear? nothing really - I don't like standing on top of tall structures and looking down... does that count?
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? not in Mecklenburg County
14. Where were you last night? at home, after a week of vacation - resting.
15. What you’re not? co-dependant
16. Muffins? yes please, and I like pumpkin raisin
17. One of your wish list items? my car paid off... it's drawing very near...
18. Where you grew up? Rocky Mount, NC
19. The last thing you did? a bowl of cereal as a snack
20. What are you wearing? PJ's
21. Your TV? it's on - and I'm watching my nightly ritual of re-runs of Seinfeld and Fraiser. LOVE IT.
22. Your pets? one, and she's very pestering. Phoebe, the cat.
23. Your computer? laptop - nothing spectacular
24. Your life? interesting, to me anyway...
25. Your mood? pretty humble
26. Missing someone? yes.
27. Your car? Honda Element
28. Something you’re not wearing? socks
29. Favorite store? right now I'm finding myself loving to look at old history, antiques, and such... I like books too :)
30. Your summer? well spent - with my family
31. Like(love) someone? absolutely
32. Your favorite color? brown
33. Last time you laughed? about 10 min ago, when my husband called me.
34. Last time you cried? earlier today. briefly.
35. Who will repost this? not sure, but I'm interested in reading more about others... so please leave a message for me if you repost this on your blog... (because I know I have thousands of regular readers. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA)


Heather said...

You went and proved me wrong. You rock.