Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm a frequent reader of this blog; I stumbled upon her talent in searching for Montessori rescources, she's a Montessouri teacher as well as a talented sewing pattern designer. Her classroom inspires me to have more natural resources at home, her ability to use simplicity in photos keeps me in awe, and I'm constantly stealing book ideas as well as craft ideas from this site.

Today when I checked her blog, I was sad to read that a mass shooting claimed the life of one of her student's relatives. She often writes about her students, includes them in photos - and when you are a faithful blog reader, it almost feels as if you know them somehow, because you've been invited into their life. It was mind boggling to say the least that this can happen even AFTER the police were warned - direct quote from her blog "It appears that one of the warring drug cartels called the local police, told them to leave Creel, then came in and shot thirteen people, including a baby. No police or any officials arrived for hours after."

I felt the article was worthy of sharing. Here's the direct link to the article in English. My thoughts are summed up in saying - when will this begin to matter???.


Heather said...

That is crazy. This world scares me.

Thanks for putting the link to the bloggie on.