Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend stuff

I'm almost caught up from the week off - I'm spending most all of the freetime I have working and I'm mentally exhausted! I've even been working at nights when we're hanging out watching a movie together after the kids go to bed... I told big J last night that I felt like the mental exhaustion was catching up to me and I was feeling physically stressed and sick. I didn't eat hardly a bite at dinner last night from a headache and feeling worn out!
This week has been about getting all school supplies, clothes; getting LOTS of work done w/ the companies I work for from home; getting check ups and appointments made on my 'to do' list; getting ideas of whether I plan to enroll little J in a Montessori style preschool for 6 hours a week (2 days - 3 hours each day); deciding whether the schedule of driving from one end of town to the other (no getting around that - it's where big E goes to school) then back to the University Area 2 x's a week for drop off for little J then back to pick little J up at noon then home for nap then back out to into another city in the afternoon is REALLY worth 6 hours a week of Montessori style learning exposure. We're still back and forth on our 2 year plan of decision making for schooling. We have alot of options - and thankfully, we have a great placement for big E this year and last year to make those decisions well thought out...
Exciting news - (for little J anyway)..... our big boy has started asking to go potty. I've been quite laid back on this because I've seen where other parents get into a power struggle over a very natural body function... yesterday and today he's came to me and asked to go potty. So we're slowly going in the right direction, and we're (me and daddy) 100% letting him go at his own pace all the while encouraging and praising him even when he gives it a 'dry run' try!
Not so exciting news - the little video below is a fire ant mound that we figured out existed... we just had the entire yard treated for fire ants. I'm not a fan of the fire ant - specifically because of the loss of my brother. So imagine my immediate inward panic when big J tells me that little J was standing on the ant mound (unknowingly of course) and came back with his entire foot and ankle covered in them. He has several bites, thankfully he had no reactions. I poked a couple of holes in the mound w/ a stick and wasn't surprised that thousands of ants surfaced angry at me. According to the company who treats our yard, what we see on top isn't even an eighth of what is below surface.