Sunday, August 10, 2008

vacation is over now...

Here's a few photos from Saturday and Sunday - our last 2 official vacation days. Ezra had several items on his summer wish list (not literally - no list) and we've managed to take care of most of them... he's pretty reasonable... he wanted to go to Old Salem (below, pictures, and on smug) and wanted to go to the beach (done), of course Texas is at the top of his list but he understands that will be in the fall.... there's one more totally reasonable request he has so we'll try our best to get that in before the first day of school.

Below are a few pics from our visit to Old Salem. Ezra's request after visiting there last year in 4th grade. He was quite the knowledgable tourguide and we learned alot in the short time we were there.

Lastly, a few pictures below from our trip to the park.

Tomorrow - back to the normal routine!