Thursday, August 28, 2008

it left me speechless

Ezra's homework assignment tonight was 'leftovers' from class + 30 min of reading. He reads voluntarily for about 1-1.5 hours per day so that's something he likes. Back to the point of this post.... His 'leftovers' today from class was a sheet about himself. The sheet had many questions... but some stuck out to me.

  • What's your favorite subject? answer: READING

  • What's your least fav. subject? answer: MATH

  • Fill in the blanks: When I grow up I want to be a race car driver because I like racing.

So I kept reading and got down to this one: If you could have 3 wishes come true, what would they be?

Keep in mind that he's a 9yo boy, who loves his toys, loves to play, and loves getting new things just like any other kid his age would. I kept that in mind, and he managed to blow me away. His paper was filled out w/o me around, w/o my knowing what he wrote. He put it away and asked me to sign his agenda to show that he'd read for 30 min and while I was signing that, and he was upstairs, I took a gander at his homework sheet (really to check out his penmanship) and this is what he answered to that last question:

  1. I'd like to find a submarine and go over the entire sea ((he likes the idea of finding treasure))

  2. I'd like to have the largest library ever made, for more knowledge.

  3. I'd like for Sarah to have her brother back.

I'll leave you with that folks. That coming from a 9 year old. He could have said so many other things, could have wrote about wanting the most extravagant toys... And what's more, is that he wrote that - and likely thought I'd NEVER read it. He went to bed, never mentioned it - never wanted recognition for writing such a sweet thing. He'd want a library for more knowledge... how'd we get so lucky??

He'd use a wish on me - that's what makes me speechless.


Heather said...

I'd wish that, too. Sweet Ezra. I love you.