Friday, August 15, 2008

what's been said and done

recent random statements by our oldest son...

...on being 'green'

"I wonder why the world just now realized that things may run out, like oil. I also wonder why all of the sudden everyone wants to recycle - didn't they know that recycling should be done all along?"

I'm guilty as charged - so I replied with "I guess everyone figures, it's never too late to make a change for the good of things."

... on hopes

"I hope one-day I can put a whole chick-fil-a waffle fry in my mouth w/o choking on it - like you do."

my thoughts on that ~HA~ (I rarely do that, and when I do it just in our house to amuse him)

.... on school

"I can't wait to go back to school. I'm actually looking forward to having work to do during the day."

my thoughts on that ~ I'll put that one in my pocket for later this school year... and for when he has a job.... actually - it makes me happy that he's eager, 3 years ago he would have never said or even thought that way.

So this week has been a little hectic - trying to catch up on lots of work that fell behind, making appointments for much needed check ups, and trying to get all supplies together for school. I haven't really had much to blog about this week, outside of our normal routine. Little J will see a gastro-intestinal specialist soon (the same one he saw as and infant for GER) because of some recent symptoms that his reflux may still be present.

Both boys had haircuts yesterday - Big E had a little green tinted gel put in his hair; he loves that! Little J always looks so much older to me after... but he wouldn't stay still for a good picture. He's on the go all day, every day! I do not have a 'lap-baby' any longer... he used to be so content to sit and be by my side... but now he's in discovery mode 24/7. Big E had TaiKwon Do last night and I took a few pictures during sparring time.


Amy said...

Ezra's waffle fry comment cracked me up! Waffle fries are SO good. Who wouldn't want to cram a whole one in his/her mouth. Ha!

Heather said...

How long do you think the wanting to go back to school thing will last? That is so funny!

Sarah said...

He is eager to see his friends, and he loves the teachers he gets this year already! He was already in some of their classes during IB last year because of his scores. I'm betting the first big test he'll tell me he's not so excited anymore!!!