Monday, August 4, 2008

warm sun on our faces...

We woke up, had breakfast and quickly made our way to a perfect little spot on the beach. The heat index and general humidity was up quite a bit so we wanted to go out early to avoid overdoing it with the boys. We spent the morning out at the beach, doing the usual...
Above: We brought a truck from home...and today - it came to the beach - I dug lots of trenches for the truck to roam....
Below: Jonathon and big E didn't provide too many photo ops... they splashed in the ocean the entire morning again!

Above: Jesse doesn't mind the sand - he loves content!

Below: I love what this means... it means we're out to play barefoot in the sand and water!
Below: We finally managed to get our umbrella planted... and it never blew away this time!!
We returned to eat a quick lunch and let Jesse take a nap... I ended up napping too! Jonathon and Ezra went out again to let Ezra spend the rest of his saved money on souvenirs... he bought the oddest trinkets - but ok! After the nap we decided to drive around and then figure out what we'd do for dinner. Site see a bit while we decide... Above and Below: The Citadel Square Baptist Church - absolutely gorgeous architecture - and another beautiful steeple of Charleston. This church has a long history - and was founded in the mid 1800's.
Below: Gibbes Museum of Art - a true landmark of Charleston. Below: A beautiful home overlooking Battery Park & White Park Gardens. The park overlooks Fort Sumter the Charleston Harbor.
Below: The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - I couldn't get nearly 1/3 of this beautiful building in the photo frame. We were driving right by it and the etched glass is just gorgeous. As you can see in the photo, passers by stop to look at the architecture and beauty. Here's a link to a full photo of the building I found on the internet.

Eventually we ended up being super silly - and eating at a different Charleston Crab House. Ezra loved it, and we decided to let him pick.... so we went to another one and it was just as yummy to me!

After stuffing our faces, we drove back to the beach villa, changed into sandals and went out to the Folly Beach Pier for a walk, then onto the beach for one last romp in the water. The boys enjoyed it alot, and it was just the best weather for a walk! Above: Another photo of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge - it's just an amazing site. It was designed to withstand wind gusts of 300 miles per hour, and earthquakes at 7.4 on the Richter scale. It cost over $700 million to construct, and was designed by Parsons Brinckerhoff. Each diamond tower stands over 575 feet high. It's the largest single cable stay bridge in the Americas! Above: the handmade flowers I bought yesterday outside of the SC Aquarium... made by some young boys, sold for 2.00 each.
Below: our last stroll on the beach for this trip
My "8" looks ridiculous.... but this is what I do everytime we visit the beach.... make a scrapbook page like this.

Tomorrow we're leaving, but we've decided to make a couple of stops in Charleston before heading home... possibly The Old Exchange or Market Street at the Daughters of Confederacy Building to buy some local goods...I'm still planning to grab a handmade basket or two for bread!


Heather said...

Looks like so much fun, so peaceful. I love the bridge picture!

Have a safe trip home!