Sunday, November 4, 2007

2 of a kind

Yesterday after the big surprise, I went to pick up my nephew. He was in town with some family to watch a race event, and I live so close by that it just made sense to make the best of that time! So he came over for a bit and we talked, laughed, and cried a little. He's growing into a man so quickly, and carries himself so much like my brother.

Today is Haleigh's birthday, my niece. She is 10 today. At 10, she's faced alot of adversity, and she just recently lost her daddy. Yet, she still manages to giggle and laugh when I call her. She's growing up so fast!! My brother who passed away left behind two precious and amazing kids. He set a foundation with them, good morals, self-esteem, and in general, just good kids. I hope this continues for them both, I have trust that it will.

I am thankful for having had such a wonderful brother, he makes me proud each time I see or talk to his children.