Monday, November 26, 2007

this and that…

I make little goals (and big ones of course) for myself… we all do I suppose. Plans to get the laundry done, plans to make a specific phone call, plans to get the tree up (one of my current goals). I consider myself quite goal oriented. Today I had plans to get my tree downstairs while the boy napped; but for a while during his nap I talked to my brother, Chris. I worked during the rest of his nap, (instead of cleaning or getting the tree down) and managed to get only the garland on the upper stair spindles in the foyer and decorate the foyer table and mantle. I played a few games with Jesse after he woke from nap, read the same book at least 7 times because he kept saying ‘more’. I helped Ezra with homework and we talked about kickball. As a result, our tree rests in the same spot it did yesterday. I had some goals set, but I threw them out the window today. I didn’t make that phone call I wanted to make, I didn’t mail out the information I planned to mail out today, I didn’t get my tree up. I don’t feel in anyway irresponsible for not meeting those goals because in general I am on top of things.

I did… learn that my toddler loves the new Christmas books Grandma Betty sent, I did learn that my 4th grader played kickball today and didn’t give up because he got out, I did listen while my brother needed to talk, I did play peekaboo and open and shut the same cabinet door (his Tupperware cabinet) about 50 times with my toddler. I did watch a 22 month old organize chairs for a little over 30 minutes as if it was his #1 priority, and I did not let time pass me by with my family today. I guess when all is said and done everything that was required of me was done today, my job for the company I work for, school for Ezra, learning activities with Jesse, meals for my family, all of my mommy duties were handled with loving care. I didn’t do what I ‘planned’ to do today though; instead I decided to do what seemed right.

I’m thankful for peek-a-boo, slamming cabinet doors for fun, and kickball stories.

This happens at least 10 times a day...
The end result today, the new seating arrangements are in front of the stove.