Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Musings

Today is Veterans Day – Ezra has the day off from school; so we went for much needed haircuts for boys! Jesse is almost 2, and each haircut seems to be more intolerable to him, he’s impatient and they can’t do it fast enough according to him. End result, two boys who look sharp! Jesse’s sporting the baby cut that’s kind of long on top and shabby showing off his little curls, and Ezra’s sporting a traditional buzz cut – he has massive cow licks!

The rest of the day we just hung out, took it easy and listened to the Music Channel on cable together while playing for several hours in our living room. Jesse is in the monkey see monkey do phase, copying everything Ezra does – both positive and negatives to that one!! It’s fun to watch them play together. We had both of their toys in the room and they do well together.

The photo is titled ‘Breakfast with Bear’. This is Jesse’s new fav. thing to do in the morning, hang out on the couch with bear, milk and breakfast. Sometimes we take daddy’s favorite throw blanket and cover Jesse’s feet and bear’s feet so they’re all cozy together. He will sit there until his breakfast is all gone! So far, the bear hasn’t been violated by force feeding from the toddling one. That day is coming soon I’m sure!

I am thankful for our veterans, both living and deceased, and for the freedoms they fought for.