Thursday, November 15, 2007

JA Biztown

Ezra’s entire 4th grade class took a trip along with 12000 other CMS 4th graders this week to JA BizTown! In his technology and IB class they have been focusing on learning how to function in the ‘grown-up world’. Hands-on activities such as, check writing, savings accounts, jobs, deducting taxes from earned wages, etc. The trip was something he was completely excited about!! He was a drink vendor for the entire day, from 930am-215pm he worked a REAL job! He got a lunch break!! He told me that his lunch break didn’t seem near long enough in order to allow him time to cash his check at the bank, and get to the food court to eat lunch, then get back to work. He passed out drinks from behind the counter for other kids lunchs, snack breaks, etc. They were issued realistic checks, check books, and required to balance, deduct, and understand taxes! He visited a medical building, the bank, the newspaper publishing center, city hall, a real estate company; all in all this was an impressive set up of a grown up world!

This curriculam and project provides a hands-on learning lab, teaches skills he can use throughout his life; opens the door to career exploration; shapes attitudes toward responsibilities and opportunities; increases self-confidence and understanding of economic concepts; and develops leadership skills. All of which Ezra has made immeasurable improvement on. He was eager to be part of a team, eager to do his part, and absolutely eager to spend his money (not at all surprising, HA) Ezra even had his picture featured in the JA BizTown Newspaper!!

Today I am thankful for my 9 year old’s ‘go for it’ attitude! His willingness to take on a project like this one is a huge step forward from the shy, more reserved boy he has been!!