Friday, November 2, 2007

Update on 'ripped off'

Earlier this week I received 300.00 worth of NutriSystem at my door! How funny is that? Someone stole MY debit card number, used it to buy 700.00 worth of goodies, including this particular shipment, used my HUSBANDS name to ship it, and somehow managed to get it sent to OUR address? Maybe the card 'bill to' information is public, I don't know. I called today and spoke to NutriSystem and they are picking it back up - I could lose 10 pounds maybe, if that, but not for 300.00. No thanks, I think I'll stick to walking - that's free! The bank AND these companies who received my card information by fruad have been completely understanding. It's hard to come by that these days!

Today - I am thankful for those who are understanding.