Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Less is more...

Usually we decorate a little throughout the entire house having hints of the holidays added here and there. I’m not sure to what extent we’ll go this year since we have a toddling one who’s interested in all things shiny and round! Our tree, as usual, will be in the formal living area which is gated off when we’re not in there – so no worries there. Our house is has more of an open floor plan, so everything is easy access, not alot of doors. I’ve decided to do a special Jesse tree (below on foyer table). We just prefer our big tree at the front window so that’s where it is. The kids will help me decorate it tomorrow… I’ll post a photo once we’re done!
I'm almost finished with what I am doing to the mantle, the stocking hangers are there w/o stockings for now, Jesse would pull them off and the stocking hangers are hard and could hurt him badly – so all you see is NOEL on my mantle!
We’re planning to finish up the stair spindles with the garland this week and get the tree up… I have the wreath up at the upper level of the foyer now, but it's not complete until we add the rest of the garland. Ezra has a special tree of his own for his room and wants to spend a little of his allowance money on some mini decorations for his bathroom. He’s in the holiday spirit of decorating also!

Alot of the decorations I have to sit out are breakables, and Jesse could get hurt. I could try to prove a point to him and keep saying ‘no’ (he hears that enough when we go elsewhere now), but instead, I just choose to make life at home easier and happier for all of us, what toddler likes hearing ‘no touch’ all flipping day in his own home just because I decided to add more stuff ?!?! It's not about impressing the neighbors, or feeling like our house belongs in magazines because of decorations, it's simply about a little holiday spirit for our home, that's all! Less IS more for my decorations this year!

I'm thankful for having a pre-lit tree!