Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2nd Snow

Last night it snowed less then 1" and our schools are closed {that doesn't happen anywhere but in the south}.... I'm betting people made a mad dash to the grocery store last night to grab their milk, bread and eggs. Why is it that a snowy day is the only time the entire south pulls together to have a French Toast feast?

The roads in front of our house are clear as can be and the driveway seems to be a thin sheet of snow with no ice... Little J woke up feeling MUCH better and was super excited when he looked outside and saw the snow covered yard.

Big E's going to be happy, for a not so typical reason...he has a project in class that he needed more time on last night - we had to make him stop working on it last night because he had TaiKwon Do class... so he'll be thrilled to know he can use a little time today to finish up what he wanted to do!

I'm doubting there will be any snowmen out of this one, there's not even enough out there to make snow cream or snow balls for that matter...

The sun is shining across the white blanket on my yard, that coupled with the bright blue sky makes for a perfect morning to sip on coffee (after eating french toast of course), sit by the window and stare out at natures beauty.

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Brianisarockstar said...

I would have commented sooner, but I was in the fall out shelter ... word is we were thisclose to getting some white stuff here too. Glad you took the "brunt" of it.

bassackwards mom said...

yeah - it was time to get out the tire chains. HA