Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Where's my MOMentum?

This is my first random Tuesday post... Julie over at CoolMomGuide always makes me laugh my ars off when I read hers, and she and I are great friends so I thought I'd humor myself for this week...

I titled this post where's my MOMentum because I want mine on some days... my mom AND my momentum. It's ironic that we spend most of our youth trying to get away from our parents and then most of our adulthood longing to be closer.... somedays I just wish I had my mom.

It's also ironic that I'm the proud owner of the commonly used "stay at home work from home mom" title and most people think I have all the time in the world, but I find myself waiting as long as my body can stand it before I go "tinkle"....?? I waited as long as I could to "tinkle" the other day and ran into the bathroom didn't do a toilet seat position check, and fell right in... thats what I get for living in a house with all boyz.

Valentines Day could have easily been deemed "My Bloody Valentine" at my house... my 10yo woke with a nosebleed from hell and we ended up just throwing the sheets away... looked like a massacre took place in his bed.

I slammed on brakes today to avoid being hit by the car that was determined to get in my lane, and my 3yo said "holy crap mommy". {no, I'm not proud - but at least it was used in the right context?? ok, just making myself feel better}

What's with the freaking weather? It was nice and San Diego"ish" around here last week in the mid 70's and flowers began to bloom, and now this week it's in the low 40's???

I despise people who text and drive... I do it, at stoplights and in parking lots, oh and in drive thru's, which is probably not good... but what can be so important that you have to text on a highway at 70mph?? I want to hold up a sign for them telling them to make a phonecall instead and save lives.

I need to lose 10#... but I just received my girl scout cookie order.... mmmmm tagalongs.


Keely said...

I figure I can\'t avoid teaching my son to swear (since I swear like a trucker myself and can\'t seem to stop), so I\'ll just teach him how to use it in context. And, um, not to use it around little old ladies.\r\n\r\nHappy Tues- er, Wednesday!