Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frugalness: Think Thrifty Thursday

Julie is hosting a meme - Think Thrifty Thursday. She and I often compare notes on how and where to grab the best deal when it comes to toys, groceries, and in general "stuff". We often call ourselves Frugal Rulers and have tossed the idea around about making matching tee shirts to wear and shopping together on triple coupon days at Harris Teeter to warn them that we're coming!!

Right now, with the economy floundering, more then ever I’m on the hunt for great finds. I’ve written a few posts about my frugalness here and here if you want to check out some of the ways we pinch a penny around our house.

This Thursday’s Thrifty thought is directed to an obsession of mine, craigslist. I’m all about finding a great deal on there!! While toys aren’t necessities, I thought I’d write my post for this week about the activity toys we’ve really saved on with our mindful shopping. Here’s just 4 of the things I scored over the summer and fall for our toddler to have fun with!!

This desk by Little Tikes – in NEW condition (not one flaw!); I paid $15.00. I drove 10 minutes from my house to pick it up. They even put new batteries in the desklight to show me that it worked. Had I bought it in a store, I would have paid $69.99+tax. {SAVED $55.00}

This kitchen/laundry combo by Little Tikes – in NEW condition (seriously, looked never played with); I paid $25.00. I did not have to drive any at all out of my way, the seller met me near my oldest son’s school during my morning commute. She even gave me the info to call Little Tikes and order one of the missing pieces, and because I had registered w/ Little Tikes before online, they sent it to me at NO CHARGE!! The kitchen has interactive food, laundry with sounds, and the voice can be programmed to Spanish/English/French. This kitchen combo would have cost us $199.99!! {SAVED $175.00}

This slide by Little Tikes in excellent condition – no fading, no scratches and was used INDOORS ONLY!! I paid $10.00 and the seller lived one neighborhood away!! This slide sells new for $89.99!! {SAVED $80.00}

This train table, in good condition (some wood wear but minimal); I paid $50.00. This train table came with the ‘play board’ for the top, and we had our own trains. The bins came with it, and they were in new condition. I drove about 20 minutes from home to pick this up and the seller even loaded it in my car for me!! This table w/ storage bins would have cost us $200.00 in a store. {SAVED $150.00}


Granted, these are not necessities - but it was nice to provide them for our little guy at a very low out of pocket cost!!


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

BRILLIANT! Holy moly, woman! Way to save!

angie said...

terrific deals good for you