Thursday, February 12, 2009

I suffer from CRS

For those who aren’t familiar with that old phrase, I’ll clean it up for this post… Can’t Remember Stuff.

Went grocery shopping today, it was my usual big shopping trip where I plan out our meals for 2 weeks and buy based on the ingredients we need for those meals, and since Jonathon is working from home temporarily (hopefully) I was excited to get to go by myself for once!! If I shop by myself it is only at night, and I prefer not to be out at the grocery store at night – when the pervs are on patrol…call me old, or paranoid, or whatever.

So, I got my pile of coupons ready, my list ready and got everything in 30 min! I shop that store often so I know the aisles well… got to the front to pay and didn’t have my debit card OR my checkbook (rarely do I write a check, but it’s good to have as backup)… so I had to leave and comeback w/ my checkbook. That’s what I get for driving my husband’s car(my checkbook is in MY car in the locked glove box!), going w/o kids (my debit card was in my regular bag that I carry with the kids) and being in “get it done” mode. That’ll teach me a thing or two.