Tuesday, February 10, 2009

word of mouth sites

I thought I'd share some of the nifty sites I visit from time to time to get some goodies....

BzzAgent - word of mouth product testing. Free to sign up, no obligations. You chose what you participate in. This is where we scored our dandy 250.00 remote I mentioned here, with absolutely ZERO invested. Sometimes they do offer really expensive product testing that you have to pay a fee to participate in, but I always opt out of those. I'm more interested in the fun stuff. I've tested for free: Ziplock products, Scrubbing Bubbles products, Pledge products, Oust products, and several snack products. All they ask is that you give feedback, and pass the information you gather along by word of mouth. The really cool thing is that when you give feedback, you earn womlets....those are points. And guess where they go??? To MyPoints.

MyPoints - it's a fun way to earn more free stuff. If you buy off of amazon, ebay, target, etc., you may want to consider logging in to mypoints first then using their search engine to go to the site you want to purchase from. You get your purchase + earn points. The points transfer into the form of a giftcard. Also, they'll send you about 5 emails a week, each email you LOOK at (that's it) gives you 5 points. There's also several surveys you can do to earn quick points along the way w/o buying a thing. If I'm waiting on a file to upload for work, I may do a quick 2 minute survey and earn 50-100 points.

Psst... by General Mills - free product samples and coupons.

VocalPoint - I just joined this one. It's another product sample testing site. I read about this one in a local magazine about how moms are turning to these types of sites to 'get paid to shop'.

All in all - I may spend about 20-30 min a week surfing through these offers. BzzAgent sends me product testing offers by email, and those are about 1 x a month. Others just send them directly to me in the mail, with no strings attached. I like how the sites allow you to do a quick set of surveys to describe your interests and then they gear your product testing around things you already enjoy or buy.