Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We have been home bound for 4 days with little J during his yucky cold. We've been coming up with ideas to keep the indoors fun... so, this morning we did some recycling. We took all of our broken crayons and turned them into a new set of crayons!
I got the idea from here last year... Little J had a blast helping me peel, break, and sort them for the baking. I followed these instructions for the most part, I changed my oven temp half way through the project to 275 degrees because after 35 min the crayons were not even 1/2 melted. I read somewhere else that you can use the silicone baking pans for more fun shapes. I may run and grab some heart shaped ones and do those for Valentines day! Just remember if you try this, the pan you use will forever be dedicated to crafts afterwards!


Amy said...

Love this!