Saturday, February 14, 2009

so sweet...

Big E has a crush... he really likes a young lady who is in his grade at school, although he doesn't have any classes with her he can't talk more about her and how nice her hair is, and how pretty she is...
So, a couple weeks back we were in Target and we saw these large heart suckers for $1.00 and he specifically bought it for her. Later, his dad asked him "have you talked to her?" and he said "no, but I want to give this to hear anyway!".... so for the next few weeks we prepared him as best we could by suggesting that he introduce himself, ask her a few things about herself, and 'get to know her' before he presents her with a Valentine gift.
Earlier this week he and his guy friend Christian were playing out on the playground during recess and they usually play guy stuff... on this particular day E had a plan to get to know this chick better... he sent Christian over to ask if it'd be ok for E and her to be friends (remember those days?? passing messages between friends because of being shy??HA!) and she said YES!! He then went over by himself, and talked to her for a bit, and told her he thought it'd be nice to start hanging out a bit during recess if she had time... She said SURE!!
So... today, he took her the lollypop!! SHE LOVED IT!!! Yay for big E!!!!