Sunday, February 22, 2009

fun for me

Occasionally on this family blog I've written about some frugal finds, goodies I've scored, and freebies (samples) as well as a few product reviews for a few word of mouth companies I belong too. Instead of clurtering up my family blog/journal with that stuff, I made another one just for goodies, freebies and random. If you get a minute, and want some freebies, coupons, and well, just a good laugh (that's where it's random) from time to time... then check it out and bookmark it!


Heather said...

I love your new blog and your new BUTTon. LOL Cracks me up. I have some big financial goals this year. I feel like we already cut a lot of expenses and see the fruit of that by paying of some really big debts lately. But I read too, and it makes me realize just how much income I have compared to so many. It makes me realize if I did without and planned ahead even more, I would be able to meet my big 2009 financial goals. So thank you for doing this and making it easy breezy for otherwomen to economize.

bassackwards mom said...

I read striving to live also! small blog world.... I've found a blog of a woman who budgets 60.00 a week for a family of 4 for groceries.....she gets SO many bargains and comes out with tons of stuff! inspiring.