Tuesday, February 10, 2009

part II

Well, the principle called me back to tell me that she felt it’d be better for big E to change art classes…I stewed on that for a moment. While she was explaining that “the class has a lot of problems, the students tend to be a little chaotic, I just think he’d benefit more from being in a different class.” After her generous offer, I couldn’t help but think logically and ask “is E getting his work done in the class?, does he seem to suffer from the chaos?” Over ½ of the year has passed, and he’s often told me about the problem students in that class (25 kids, and ONE art teacher) and yet, his artwork comes home completed and he can’t talk more positively about the fun he has doing the projects. The principle couldn’t answer my questions, and told me she’d check into it and call me back. While I understand 25/1 ratio must be challenging for the art teacher, I almost felt like the schools way of resolving the problem was to remove MY kid from the art class… what the freak?!! My kid didn’t cause the “damn” problem…