Thursday, February 26, 2009

Frugalness: Think Thrifty Thursday

As part of my quest to be frugal and thrifty, I generally try to take advantage of multiple use items. I ran across a great idea last year, recycling crayons. I'm sure that most all parents at some point have tossed out their fair share of crayon bits and pieces. I know I have, and I'm thrilled to have found a fun new way to re-use them!

Recently our youngest went through a couple weeks of the yuck, having had a stomach virus one week, and a cold the very next. We had to get resourceful and fill in the time that would otherwise be outdoors or a playdate or even a trip to the library. We decided to give recycling our crayon bits a whirl!

Our little guy (3 years old) had a blast helping me peel, break, and sort them for the baking. I followed these instructions for the most part, I changed my oven temp half way through the project to 275 degrees because after 35 min the crayons were not even 1/2 melted. The montage below is a quick view of the process step by step.

I read somewhere else that you can use the silicone baking pans for more fun shapes. Just remember if you try this, the pan you use will forever be dedicated to crafts afterwards!

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Relimom said...

They look great! What a fun idea and what good use of the time you couldn't leave your house.