Sunday, February 22, 2009

reviews: Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

When I received the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair in the mail I was eager to try it out. I have a tortoiseshell Persian cat and she sheds alot. We go to great extent to keep pet fur from being a major issue and I was really excited about this product for review. I must mention that we have a Persian cat and she sheds alot. She typically lays in about 3 spots, her cat hotel, one cushion on our living room sofa (that no one ever sits on, we live in our family room!) and behind the sofa in our family room on the floor. Otherwise, she's a pretty good cat and doesn't lay all over our stuff!! But she's FURRY, and the perfect test cat for this product!!

Now, let me preface this by letting you know that in no way are giant fuzzballs of cat laying around in my house. I have a weird obsession about cleaning, and use those sticky rollers like nobodies business. I own a Rainbow vacuum and that thing can find fur in places that human eyes can't see... it takes the cake for cleaning in my opinion.... but on to the product I'm reviewing!

Positive: The product is compact, nothing to put together, and no special cleaning requirements. The handheld sweeper seems to be designed for ease of use and quick easy storage. I like the use until it's full and then throw away feature. The product worked well on slightly affected areas such as the couch cushion she lays on, and also in cleaning up general "fuzz" from our seat cushions on the kitchen.

Negative: The rollers get jammed once a decent amount of fur build up gets between them. The side to side sweeping motion doesn't seem to be as affective once fur gets on the 'grip like' rollers and makes them less affective. I found this to be so after only using the product for about 5 minutes. When it was time to clean her 'cat hotel' which is the most affected by her shedding (her favorite place to be most days), the product gets two thumbs down from me!

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Julie@Momspective said...

Hmmm....I might just sign up for this one myself! Rock on, sista!

PetHairProblem said...

If you haven't tried the Fur-Zoff, I recommend it. It will clean up all pet hair from any fabric into a little pile to be thrown away. The best part is that it lasts forever and it's only about $10. You can buy one at