Monday, February 2, 2009

the cruds

Little J has a case of the cruds... took him to the doctor yesterday, eyes swollen, face red, moderate fever for 3 days straight and just overall yucky. The first thing the doctor said was "this looks and sounds just like the flu".. UGH. Flu test was negative!!! YIPEE!!!

the skin under his little nose is just raw from all of the yuckies...

So, turns out it's just a really really cruddy cold! His little face looks miserable, his cough sounds almost croup like, he's sneezing on average 10-15 times per hour, poor appetite, etc. Here's where I brag about our kid: He IS in TERRIFIC spirits, which is amazing to us as well as the doctor. He is co-operating with the nasal bulb syringe for recovery of the yuckies, he's oddly accepting of the nasal drops he have to do before the suction... and taking meds each 4-6 hours with only a few "don't want to's"... I must say, (because this is the bragging portion of my post - where I'm ignoring the fact that many other kids probably act the same exact way HA) we could learn a thing or two about making the best of a yucky cold from him... what a little trooper.

Seems that some cuddle time recharges his batteries... sweet moments like these will soon be only a memory as he grows into a bigger boy, so even though he's been sick - we've been savoring the cuddles!!