Sunday, February 8, 2009

here comes the sun

Something we feel like we've missed around here... the sun and it's warmth! Me, Little J and Big E are all dealing w/ the cruds... but we decided to take an outdoor break today anyway.
Little J loves to splash rocks in the water over and over. He's so content here, just him with some rocks and the water, you'd never know he was around if it weren't for the occasional giggle of joy over the big splashes he makes with the rocks.

Big E loves looking for shells, he generally comes home with both pockets full of them... later those are what I may hear in my dryer.... HA

There was another family out on this cove feeding the geese. There had to be 20 or more geese and they would fly right over our heads. Before the camera battery died, I tried my best to get a few pictures. Most didn't turn out like I wanted. The one above has one bird catching a piece of bread mid-air.