Sunday, November 25, 2007

All in my head

I don’t really have a topic today, it’s Sunday and my sinus infection just went on rewind for me. I’m back to chills, no fever yet, head hurts worse then day 1 and now I think I may lose my voice if I cough much more. I’m on day 4 of antibiotics – I’d think they would be working a bit by now, but I’m no doctor. I’ve been very fortunate, and have not been ‘sick’ since just before I was pregnant with Jesse. I am trying to ride it out, suck it up, you know – be a mommy martyr. At night, it feels like my head may in fact explode. I plan to call the doctor back in the morning.

On an up note, the decorations are out of the attic now and are in the living room ready to be placed where they belong. I will set a goal of Wednesday to have decorations completed. Hopefully I can motivate myself between working during Jesse’s naps and at night, school commutes, doctors’ appt’s this week and generally doing mommy things. I will say that our tree, has been stored in the extra bedroom turned office/playroom since last Christmas; it only occurred to me this past week how we could manage to put it in the attic without breaking our backs. Why is it that the logic light bulb was off for so long? It has to weigh 70+ pounds, it’s a 7 foot pre-lit tree and it’s a huge box. Here’s where the light bulb came on… I was putting things away from Halloween decorations, etc. and thought of a brilliant idea (sarcasm intended). I thought I’d take the tree on down myself (middle of the day, husband not here) and I could do that since it is in 3 pieces… LIGHTBULB MOMENT: I’m so smart – we can put the empty box up in the attic, and after Christmas we can take the tree up piece by piece therefore eliminating broken back potential. HOW SMART AM I??? HA.

I am on the prowl for some easy toddler/kid pleasing recipes. If anyone has veggie prominent recipes that you’d love to share with me, please do! Both boys love veggie fritters and I’m about tired of making them, so I’m looking for a easy way to incorporate multiple veggies in one bite (carrots, any squash, corn, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, potato).

I am thankful that I can laugh at myself when I have a light bulb moment.