Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missing a screw.

Someone in in this city is missing a screw. I would know this because it is in my left rear tire. It's on the edge of my left rear tire in the tread near the sidewall preventing my tire from being repairable. I knew this the instant I saw it, and then thought to myself - what else did I expect? I heard a strange noise after pulling away from a stoplight, and immediately knew something was wrong with one of the back tires. Go figure, these tires are practically new! Oh well... I went to the Honda dealer just after Jesse's nap since the tire wasn't flat yet; I work for Ford and Toyota from home (and they generally take care of our cars), but Honda was closer and it IS a Honda so thankfully by knowing a few people there from business, they swapped out my tire and put on the spare for me at no cost. I called the dealer I do work for, and they ordered me a tire at cost. Just what I wanted to do was spend 135.00 right here at Christmas time on a tire that is only 7 months old! Oh well, it is what it is! Merry Christmas to me!!

Today I'm thankful that there was a screw in my tire and that it stayed there - I didn't get stranded with a 22 month old on the side of a busy road.


Amy said...

I have driven over a nail or screw within a few months of buying every set of tires we have ever owned. It never fails around here. We're like you. It's hard to fork over money for a new tire when you just spent a bunch of money buying the set!