Sunday, November 2, 2008

another day....

... at the park. Another gorgeous day had us out at the park. We spent the entire day outdoors!
This bee was busy getting the nectar from this flower and wasn't really paying me any attention at all.

Beautiful fall colors in the trees

This red leaf was on the edge of the water and kept washing against the rocks over and over.

I think the geese were disappointed with us. We forgot to bring them food today.

Nature has such a beautiful color pallet.

Big E was acorn hunting today - we spent a long time searching for acorns and nuts.

While the toddler had fun running through the crunchy leaves.

I'm thankful for my ability to see. The ability to see colors, to watch leaves fall from high above in trees, to watch squirrels chasing each other, to see the geese gather in a group, and to see my children's excited faces when we take it all in.


Heather said...


We are definitely wishing we could just jump in the car and drive up to Asheville or something this time of year. We have a few trees changing colors now, but nothing like your photos! Gorgeous!

Michael F said...

LOL that last one of J reminds me of the Bigfoot photo... The way you caught him in his gate...

He just needs his head turned back a little...