Friday, November 7, 2008

Special Invitation

Today we were invited to a special presentation by big E's school.. the entire 4th and 5th grade presented a wonderful compilation of songs in honor of Election week, the title of the presentation was "America is My Home". We were very proud for big E, he participated in this entire event and absolutely did a wonderful job! They sang 7 songs total, this was the shortest video and under the 100MB limit to post on blogger. I'll post the rest to our smugmug site. We were quite delighted to see the 4th/5th graders sing songs that included every presidents name (Rap of the Presidents), as well as the Fifty Nifty United States. Each song had choreography, it was a nice way to spend our morning!

After each song, the audience of K5, 1st graders, and parents/family clapped. Little J was so proud of his big brother that he yelled "good job EZA!!!" I think that everyone in the room could feel the pride that little J had for big E!! The K5 students were sitting on the floor in front of the group doing the presentation, and little J went to sit and join them for each song. He loved watching his big brother sing just as much as we did!

In the video below, bit E is in the front row, left side, wearing Navy w/ White stripe shirt. Just look for the really white, really blonde boy... that one is ours ;).

I'm thankful for such a wonderful moment with our family today, the joy in watching big E sing and perform, seeing the excitement it brought for little J and overall feeling 100% proud to be an American while watching this show. Really an amazing presentation.


Heather said...

That's so honkin' cool! I LOVE IT! He's come SO FAR since K5 graduation, huh? He's a complete superstar. I am SO proud of my Biggo E!