Friday, November 21, 2008

noses, farquads, and coffee

stuffy noses
So - it's 430pm and I getting ready to go out and purchase a bit more stock in Kleenex. My 10 year old is in Stage 2 of the cruds. He has graduated from snotty yet fully clogged nose, and stuffy head to Stage 2 constantly drippy nose and coughing uncontrollably. The toddler is clearly in Stage 1 and since he can't really "blow" his nose I'm thinking he could be stuck in stage one for a couple of days.
The boys came in and rather then their usual chaos and playtime together, the toddler asked for Shrek.... so they're watching Shrek in the picture below while sharing a beanbag and some Ritz crackers. Shortly after this picture, there was a beanbag war. We only have one. They don't both fit on it that great.... So I find myself assigning beanbag 'turn taking' privileges now. ARGH!

Occasionally I have to remind our 10 year old that it's not cute to have our toddler learn the name of ALL of the characters, I'm thinking it wouldn't go over so well if our tot decided to blurt out "Farquad" at random in the 2's and 3's church class I teach on Sunday nights. I'm 99.9% sure that the 10 year old has no idea WHY Farquad wouldn't be a great idea... but he thinks the name is funny in either case.

I've been drinking more coffee then usual lately, I had a single pod maker and was beginning to wear it out. One of my friends told me about this promo so I ordered this nifty coffee maker w/ 2 coffee packs for $14.95 including shipping. There's no obligation once you join and get the free gift and 2 initial packs of coffee (all for 14.95) you can then cancel anytime and keep the free gift. (99.99 value coffee maker). I actually like their light roast, so I may order a couple more packs and then cancel my membership. I'm thinking tonight may be a half a pot of coffee kind of night... I have to work at home, and I'm pretty darn sure that I'll be up and down with the toddler who can't blow his nose well.
I'm thankful for Kleenex... that's what kind of day I'm having... one where I'm thankful for Kleenex.