Thursday, November 6, 2008

Santa's Early

What?!$%^!! I just heard on the news that Santa is coming to a nearby mall starting TOMORROW for photos!!!
What is with Santa???? Doesn't he need to stay home and eat turkey on Thanksgiving to get plump?
Oh well, our oldest boy doesn't believe in the fat guy, and the youngest could care less either way at his age. We usually do get pictures done for novelty sake. At our home, we celebrate more the true meaning of Christmas - but we do have fun with it too, it's how I grew up. We have special traditions with decorating the tree, doing crafts, etc.
As a child, I remember getting a picture made with ole St. Nick each year, and I cried as a kid! He scared me! Never once did I believe that Santa or getting gifts was the meaning of Christmas. My parents did a bang up job of keeping us grounded all while letting us enjoy the fun and have special traditions too. Some of my favorite childhood memories with my brothers are during the holidays. They kept the excitement level high for me, since I was the youngest. Holidays were so special when I was growing up. It meant gatherings, good food, and lots of fun w/ my brothers, cousins and Aunts/Uncles. My memories are not the material gifts, not even as a child, they're of the priceless gift of time together. I just can't believe the holidays are so close!!!

On a more random topic:
I'm thankful for the falling gas prices! There's a gas station nearby that is below 2.00!!


Brianisarockstar said...

This is great! What you need to do is get one sign that reads "Hell No, Santa Must Go" and then you need to get your eldest to carry another sign that reads something like "Santa is for babies"

This early sighting must be protested ... get a life man ... there are toys to be built, stop slacking!