Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm still not a fan of changing time 2 x's a year, for me personally it screws with my head and our daily routine is just aggravating. I say let's keep it the same, all of the time, but that's just me. Now, when Jonathon gets home from work, it'll be getting dark and there will be limited outdoor time with the boys. That's been such a wonderful time for all of us! Oh well... So the kids went to bed alot later then usual, I went ahead and set the clocks at dinner time last night so that I wouldn't forget and we just went on that time for everyone's routines.

The little one was up at his normal time.... that is - 1 hour earlier then the NEW time. It didn't matter that I tried to trick his body into thinking it needed the right amount of sleep. He did the same as me, let his natural body timer get him up. I was awake at 545am (I'm usually up at 645am to work by myself w/o interruptions) but I had no problems falling back asleep. Naturally, he woke up around 630am (usually 730am for him). I went and got him, we came back to my bed and snuggled quietly for 1 hour :). Maybe a few days of that and he'll get the picture, or maybe I'll invest in that blackout curtain after all....It's not a big problem, just 1 hour, but sometimes 1 hour more of sleep means the world to me!!
As for the oldest and his dad, not even phased one bit. Go figure. So right now I'm being a even though I've committed to 30 days of thanks... I'm not at all happy with changing my clock back one hour. Wahhhh. Ok - rant over. It is what it is. I know that it'll take a few weeks to get our bodies in sync with the "new time". Grrr.


Amy said...

Your little guy wasn't the only one not fooled by setting the clocks back earlier in the evening. Our boys were up at 6:30 (7:30 old time) this morning. It's only 10:00 a.m., and we've already done half a day's work :-) Thank goodness for coffee.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

So funny that we both blogged about this.