Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Flashback

I read an amazing story over on Courtney's blog. She typically does flashback Fridays and I follow with a Mr. Linky post to her blog.... This week she didn't do flashback Friday. Her post is worth the read, and shed a different light on my getting to know her through blog world. Absolutely wonderful of her to share such an amazing story from her life.
I couldn't resist this Halloween version of Flashback Friday though.... I was 3 years old in the picture below. My smallest guy is almost 3. I thought it'd be fun to post a photo of us both from our 3 year old Halloween. My sis-in-law always says that he favors me so much, I thought it'd be fun to post a photo to show what I looked like at 3!

Above - Me, 3 years old.

Our little Yoda


Heather said...

I totally think up put poorjesse in a raggedy ann getup. That is wild!!!! He's you!

Michael F said...

Holy Crap! So does Jon not have any dominant genes whatsoever? It is like twins you and J. That is so odd because my kids obviously look a lot like me and Jon's kids not so much.
"His little girly man genes are weak and puney"

Have to bust his chops every chance.

bassackwards mom said...

yeah - there's some obvious similar traits with the toddler and I. little J does have Jonathon's eyes through and through...and hairline, and general stance. His body structure seems to mimic Jonathon quite a bit too... so he didn't totally lose out. HA.