Saturday, November 22, 2008

here we go again

So - the official count as of this morning is....

Oldest has consistent pesky raspy cough and still a bit of a stuffy nose....he did manage to rest well thanks to Delsym and a cool mist humidifier. He seems to be himself outside of the frustration of coughing all the time.

Youngest (who knows not how to blow his nose) has a completely clogged nose, swollen face, swollen top lip, very red skin under his nose from constantly rubbing at the drip.... he did sleep all night, thanks to Vaporub on his feet and shirt (weird isn't it?), pediacare gentle vapors, and his Thomas the tank engine cool mist humidifier. This along with a small dose of Benadryl and Tylenol. We're seeing the pediatrician this morning just to see if there's anything I can do for the nasal congestion, yesterday he soaked 3 shirts from open mouth breathing and drooling everywhere because he can't breath at all through his nose.

Husband.... wow. He has a significantly sore throat, which without fail will escalate into a severe sinus infection. He had a run of this about 2 months ago and the doctor went ahead and gave 2 prescriptions... one for then, and one for later this winter. It's funny how that doctor knows this is reoccurring in him.

I'm officially fully invested in Kleenex company for the winter. Yesterday I ran across some decorative boxes that have Wall-E on them :) The little one was super excited! That was his first (and only so far) theatre movie, so along with the tissues, this week we bought the movie when it was on sale on release day! Both boys loved Wall-E, and I have to say I enjoyed it too, it was MY first theatre movie in over 2 years!

For now, I'm back off to snotsville and sometime today I must prepare Thanksgiving for the family gathering today. We're having my husband's parents over late this afternoon for our big celebration with them.

Keep your fingers crossed that my superwoman cape protects me from this yuck fest.