Friday, November 21, 2008


Of all the things I ask my kids to share..... this is the last one. It's almost unavoidable all together. We've been very fortunate with both boys, the little one has only had a sickness that required antibiotics once in just under 3 years, and our oldest has not had antibiotics in OVER three years (seems unreal now that I think of it). We've been VERY fortunate, considering our oldest does go to public school. I guess we're due our share of the cruds now!

So today, the little one is snotting, sneezing, coughing and overall not himself today.His poor nose is all red, and his face is all splotchy from rubbing it constantly. Blugh, holiday colds suck.

Just spoke to the hubby - and his throat is sore.... so it seems like this is a family affair.


Brianisarockstar said...

I am against "Holiday Sickness"

bassackwards mom said...

we need a button for that. "parents against holiday sickness" ;)