Wednesday, November 12, 2008

day 12

I may post something other then thankfulness eventually.... but for now:

Today I'm thankful for my recent lucky streak! This one is a self-centered thankful post... I scored myself another mom giveaway giftcard recently (the first was from my SIL!) and it was another Starbucks giftcard. So - I'm all hopped up on a Grande Mocha Latte right now and gearing up to work well into the night on reports, claims, and other chaos with my job... all from the comfort of my bed.


Heather said...

OOOOO! awesome, blossom!

Heather said...

I swear your blog was fall looking last night? Am I losing it? I keep thinking I have ants in my house but it is really just crumbs...that are not moving. I am going senile. LOL