Saturday, November 22, 2008

double yucky

So - the toddler has a double ear infection, sinus infection and very sensitive skin that is quite irritated on his face from the snotfest. He's never had an ear infection and he's almost 3, so I know we're fortunate. There were many times I took him in during teething because I thought he had ear infections and it always turned out that it was teething instead. I'm glad we went on in this morning and caught it before it got much worse over the weekend.

We're home, 1 doctor visit and 2 prescriptions later.... he's trying to nap now. It's been an interesting morning. We've also invested some more in sanitizing gel since we were close to being out. I had to go ahead and wash my superwoman cape, it had snot, tears, and dum dum drool on it from the doctors office....

I'm off to the kitchen to prepare the rest of Thanksgiving... I've managed to get the Yummy Candid Yams, and the Banana Pudding thrown together... now onto my mashed potatoes and devilled eggs!

I'm thankful that we found out about the double ear infection before it got too miserable for him.


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Josh just had his first 2 teeth come and and he keeps pulling his ears. I know it's just the teeth but I get so nervous! I love the oompa loompa thing-we're SO RELATED!!! Miss you sista!

Sandi said...

my baby girl is teething like mad right now. I guess since it had been 6 years since my last one I totally forgot ear tugging can have something to do with teething. Thanks for the reminder! lol I hope your little one gets well soon.