Tuesday, November 25, 2008

blugh funk

I'm not in the mood to post alot. I'm in a "blugh" funk. My family is sick, and I could be the next to catch this bug. I keep having a scratchy throat feeling, and a runny nose is lingering. I'm hoping that my superwoman cape will again protect me from the ick.

So... the only think I'll post tonight is this pitiful picture of my youngest's face after 3 days of snotting, wiping, and snotting some more. Only parents of toddlers can appreciate how many times I've mentioned snot recently. The doctor said that the excessive wiping and the constant drippy nose is what's causing this rash. It almost looks like a burn, it's fiery red and just looks miserable. Oddly, he doesn't complain about it at all.

Saturday when we went to the ped's office they mentioned possibly giving him a steroid creme for it. It seems to be almost 100% better each morning, then each night it looks like it's on FIRE. He has always seemed to have sensitive skin, and this is just putting ME over the edge! He seems fine, doesn't complain about it... but it looks horrendous. So they called in a steroid creme tonight after I called them and emailed this picture... I read everything and when I picked up the prescription it says ingredients include alcohol, some kind of acid...and the known side effects include burning, itching, stinging. Something about the ingredients and the known side effects really bug me. Why can't it be simple? UGH, his face is pitiful. Aquaphor and hydrocortizone may be our best friends for a WHILE....that's what the doctor initially told us to use. I can't stand the thought of putting something on his skin that will make it burn while it looks like this already.

I just want him to have THIS HAPPY little face!! His face IS happy, it just looks miserable :(.

any other suggestions? I'm interested in anything helpful!
Minus the toddler's nighttime face rash....I'm thankful that the family is on the mend!