Sunday, November 16, 2008

my friend is safe for now

One of my very best friends, along with her husband and 2 year old daughter, is on alert for evacuation in the city she lives in -Brea, CA. I'm thankful she's safe with her family for now.... The fires are nearing her home, and she posted a couple of pictures publicly last night showing how close the smoke/fires were to her. We spoke as late as 1230am last night (930pm for her) and their plans were to get a little sleep after having packed evacuation boxes as well as putting their valuables in a fireproof safe. I'm so nervous for her, and waiting on a new update. ***As I type this, she updated me. The winds have died down some, they're still under voluntary evac. and the fires are still headed in their direction. Below are some pictures from her house yesterday late afternoon as well as a bit of what she posted lastnight. Above: The RED ZONE is located just north of her.... you can see the city of BREA where she lives is under the RED ZONE in this photo that I snagged from the LA Fires update site. Last updated early morning.
Above and below -photos taken by my friend at her home.

Written by my friend about the local fires: Ash is falling down the way snowflakes do in the winter. Very lazy like as they make their journey to the ground. Sometimes there are large chunks of black ash and some of it is smaller pieces of gray. People are walking around wearing hospital masks over their noses and mouths. Which I found, while I was out filling up our car, is a good idea because your throat and chest get sore quickly from breathing in the smoky air. The highway exit we take to get to our house has been closed because the fire has made such dense smoke that you can't see well. There are large clouds of smoke looming nearby from the Yorba Linda fires. We will keep our fingers crossed that we won't have to evacuate.
We are keeping the people who have lost their homes in our prayers.