Sunday, November 9, 2008

weekend wrapup

We ventured back out to the lake today for a look at the trees changing again. They're so pretty over the waterfront. You can see the colors increasing in today's photo as compared to last week's photos. The boys had a blast playing on the slides together. I thought this was such a sweet photo, big brother helping little brother with his shoe.... so sweet.
After some downtime at home for us all, we had planned to see this event and have a visual history lesson with the kids while enjoying a great show.

Every aviation site and forum I looked at had 4pm as the show time for the main attraction, so we planned to go home from the lake and lunch, let the little one nap, the rest of us relax, then arrive 15-20 min prior to start time. BLUGH, they started early. We arrived and could see the show from the road, it was interesting and the planes were flying low, and we'd have loved to have seen it from the airport viewing area... but it was OVER by 4pm!! We were all bummed, the kids were both so excited about it too. Argh. Just another reason I title my blog BassAckwards - HA!

We did manage to enjoy the day, even though that didn't go as planned. I'm thankful that the boys were understanding, things in life don't always go as planned and although today was a 'fun event' it still made me feel good that our oldest was understanding even though disappointed.