Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been milking 2 books, finished them off today finally! It seemed like for a while I could burn through books rather quick, but lately I've put them aside and been spending time doing other things. I realize now that I depend on a little reading time each day to defrag my brain, even if it's just 10-15 min in the carpool line waiting on big E to get out of school while the little one sings or looks at a book in the car.

Big E has read 5 books in the last 9 days. Most are for fun, and a couple are for school assignments and projects. He's finished Moby Dick, The Journey to the Center of the Earth (both that gma sent him, nice hardback copies!) The View from Saturday, and Sign of the Beaver (both for a literacy class at school that he joined) and a book that surprised me... Alice in Wonderland! He's been getting alot of books about airplanes, WWII crafts, submarines, scooters and motorcycles, boats, and buildings. It was nice to see him venture out to several childhood classics for his personal reading. He reads in the car anytime we go anywhere, something I can't really do - it makes me dizzy, I usually read at long stoplights, heavy traffic, or carpool lines. The literacy class challenges them with books, projects, and activities that are sometimes week-long projects. He really seems to enjoy being in the class, and we're excited that he has found something else that he really loves about school!

The little one is following his big brother's cue, his favorite reads this week are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, All the Ways I love you, and Hop on Pop. If he sees big brother reading, he grabs a book and does the same, sitting in the back seat of the car both boys will have their heads in books most every time we're together. Sometimes he'll sing his story to us. When he wants me to read Twinkle Twinkle, he brings it and runs to me singing the tune to Are you Sleeping Brother John. We have a special way to sing that one when we come across it in the book, and since it's repetitive, he likes to do one line and I do the other...It's nice to have bookworms in the house!!

Day 13- I'm thankful for simple moments like the one in the picture above... two boys, reading.