Thursday, November 20, 2008

ummmm, that's big.

Went by Hardee's today, first time in FOREVER.... I'm not a fast food snob, but I've never really preferred Hardees. Less grilled choices, and overall just more greasy. Anyhow - it was where we were, and the toddler wanted his usual afternoon commute snack. I realized I failed to pack it and found myself right beside Hardees and figured I'll get some fries. I ordered a small fry for him, a small lemonade for his brother, and a small Dr. Pepper for me. Can I just say that oh my gawd.... I've never seen such a large "small fry" in my life! That's insane! No wonder we're getting fatter as a nation. Hardees is handing out LARGE fries and calling it a small... and the drink was easily a 20oz cup and they were SMALLS!!!
Looking in on the employees of this particular establishment, it seemed that they ALL fit the obesity charts by a long shot. The man behind the counter making drinks couldn't walk behind the woman at the window because there was no room. There was plenty of room for say 3 average sized people. I'm not picking on them, but does anyone else see this as a growing problem?? No pun intended. Purely coincidental that two large people were working when I rolled through, and I'm not trying to start a rant about large people. I love large people, I just wish that people knew what that does to their bodies, hearts, etc. I don't wish what my husband and my father went through on anyone - heart surgery should be avoided, healthy living and eating should be a given.
I'm in no way a perfectly fit mommy and I am sporting a bit of a muffin top, but no one in my house is carrying around a santa belly, no one in my house is eating large fries and those thick burgers on a regular basis. What's horrible is I DO know people who do that more then once a week. Food is so overrated, and I learned that while watching my husband almost die from heart disease. We eat to live, not live to eat. This is particularly on my mind since the holiday season brings on lots of comfort foods and we love them all. We enjoy them, in moderation and with alot of modification to the recipes. We substitute alot of ingredients and end up with the same yummy treat but try to make it as healthy as possible. Both of our kids inherit a heart disease gene from both of our families, so we have an obligation to them to have the healthy choices at home. You may spot us at Chic Fil A once or twice a month, and McDonalds and Sonic too.... like I said, we're not fast food snobs, but we do tend to chose the less of all evils on the menus and I'm proud to say that even though some of the burger commercials make my hubby's mouth water he hasn't had a red meat burger cross his lips in 3 years.
I was completely shocked at the portion sizes today. Just completely, WOW. Maybe I should get out of my little glass box more often and I wouldn't be so surprised. I'm wondering how many of those burgers Paris Hilton actually eats anyway????? HMMMMM


Amy said...

I've been reading bunches about food production, food choices, obesity, etc. lately. If you haven't read it, Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollan) is very eye-opening. I can't remember if it is on your "already read" list or not.

And how about those small fry/drink sizes?!?! When the small drink will not fit in my cup holder, there's a problem. We stopped buying soft drinks about two years ago, and the result has been amazing. Jonathan has never been what I would call overweight, but he lost about 15 pounds by just ditching the drinks. Don't get me wrong -- I do love a good Dr. Pepper when we eat out. Ha!