Sunday, November 16, 2008

fire update

My friend just posted another update publically so with her permission I've added another bit of what she wrote about the situation in Brea, CA. She mentioned they're still on alert for evac., and the city is still under voluntary evac. orders. Below is a photos she took this morning around 6am at her house.
Written by my friend, around 530am.....

Our poor city is burning. Last night before we went to bed, we were under a voluntary evacuation. Also, at that time, the winds had died down so the smoke smell had cut back. However, the Santa Ana winds picked back up about 3/4 this morning and when -husband- took the dog out, he said it was much more concentrated. He came in coughing from taking the dog out. The mandatory evacuations are creeping closer to us but haven't reached us yet. We have our cars packed and are ready to go should we have to leave. It's amazing how, if you had to go through your house and take only the things you absolutely needed, it could be a car's worth of belongings.