Sunday, November 16, 2008

late afternoon update...

My friend in Brea, CA who lives near the fires (see earlier posts today) added another update recently by blogpost.... I'm so glad to hear from her every chance I get, but today it's been extra nice to keep in close contact with her to know that she and her family are safe from this disaster.

Written by my friend: As of this afternoon, we are still safe. The winds didn't reappear much today, making it easier to obtain control over the fires. When the wind did blow today, it blew north, taking the fire to Diamond Bar, CA. Diamond Bar is directly north of us and they are issuing mandatory evacuations for certain areas. And the latest wind to blow through is coming off the ocean and that is blowing the fires west, which takes the fires away from us. We will leave the cars packed until tomorrow. With the winds blowing this erratically, we don't want to assume anything. WE HAVE BEEN SO BLESSED. Please keep the people who have lose their homes in your thoughts and prayers, as this must be devastating.