Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's cold outside, I think tonight's low is 23. That's such a change from the almost 80 degree days we had about a week ago. I think winter is finally starting to knock on our doors!! We didn't get much outside time, with the morning fiasco that kept us in the car for almost 4 hours I'll post about that when I'm done steaming and the shortened days from the time change.... so the toddler was a live wire tonight. He, just like his mommy, was disappointed about not having much outdoor time. While that isn't always the case, and we do plan to play outside all bundled up for a bit each day (even if it's cold), I'd love to have some fun options for the toddler that bring the outdoors in, so to speak.

Anyone have some fun indoor activities that seem 'outdoor'ish?


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

You know me, I'm the wii girl. We wii fit, wii bowl, wii music. All that keeps us up. I also let jake bring his scooter in and he scoots around the house. As long as nothing is thrown or knocked down, he can do whatever. Today, we took the cushions off the couch and put blankets on them so he has a fort.