Sunday, November 9, 2008

get snuggie

Our little one sleeps a wearable blanket with feet like this one, he kicks and squirms all of his blankets off so we figured why not use one of these for a little while longer? It's pretty neat because it has holes for his feet so he's not trapped... gosh, who'd have known someone would come up with something similar for adults???
I get a kick out of infomercials. Check it out, and even you can get "snuggie". I laughed so hard at the commercial... for some reason it's hilarious to me to see the grown ups try to look cool in the adult version of what my 2 year old wears. I'm betting that someone likes the idea.


Heather said...

I think we are going to have to break out the sleep sacks soon. =0) Which is good because that means it is no longer hotter than hades in the house. WOOHOO!